Siding & Roofing

When you choose Nashua Lumber Co. for your siding and roofing needs, you'll have access to products from top-name manufacturers like KP, Mitten, IKO, Union, KOMA, and Versatex. Your roof is your home or commercial premise's first line of protection against the rugged weather in Nashua, NH, so it needs the protection that high-quality roofing materials like the ones our store carries can provide. Siding supplies yet another layer of security to safeguard your property from the elements. The right siding and roofing can also add aesthetic appeal to the structures you own, thereby increasing the value of your investment.

We offer free delivery to nearby locations. Our seasoned sales staff will be glad to discuss planning for a siding remodel, new roof and other roofing needs with you to help you choose the wood or metal product that best matches your requirements.

Nashua Lumber Co. has more than 60 years of service experience helping residential and commercial customers throughout Nashua add curb appeal and durability to their homes and businesses. Let us put our knowledge in this area to work for you. Get in touch with us today, or come by our building supply center to see all that we have to offer. Call today at (603) 882-2708 to request and estimate today!
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